How to get AWS Certified

I have always worked for decent sized organizations that maintain their own servers.  I still do.  So the need to learn DevOps for the cloud has not been there yet.  However, I am a curious guy and I always enjoy learning new things.  I decided that I want to build a mobile app and host the service layer in the cloud.  So as I began researching how to do that I accidentally became AWS certified.

As I was reading through something, I stumbled up the AWS training site where they mentioned certifications.  And it made sense to me, that getting certified would help me learn what I needed to learn in order to make the correct value judgements for creating my new mobile app.  Amazon provides free training videos and whitepapers, enough to learn what you need to for free, well at least for the first one, the easiest one, the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.  I do not know yet if the same will hold true whilst climbing the certification ladder.  My plan is to get the next level, AWS Certified Developer – Associate followed by the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer.

I studied, took the practice exam, then scheduled the real exam.  I rode my bike over to the testing center during lunch, answered 65 questions within 30 minutes (90 minutes allowed), and was immediately informed that I passed.  It was fun and easy.

Here are the certification paths they currently offer:

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